The game has currently only few custom shaders. I'm planning to add more.

I've been struggling with masks for quite a while now, and want to do image masking using programmatic shapes. But it might be more effort than it's worth.

I had previously made some image processing effects with Filter Forge so it's not the first time I'm meeting such graph editors.

"Drop shadow", I think this was a ready-made shader graph shader too? I'll check and confirm later. No blur, only the same shape repeated with a slight offset.
"Lighten" effect on background cardboard. 

If I remember right, I couldn't get the "lighten" effect to apply any arbitrary background, that's why in the above image there's first the background image of cardboard, then the image with slightly downscaled cardboard texture.

Shadow, not mine. I like it
Glitchy outline, this is supposed to be just a regular 3px outline, but I like the geometric look. I don't remember which shader this was, though. I want to find it again.
Pattern texture made of icons.

I want to use differently tiled patterns too. Simplest way to have a repeating pattern is by just using the tiling mode for the Unity sprite (above). But this will allow only grid-layout for the pattern, and I'd like some staggered rows or such. It seems to me it would be easier to do using a shader than by instantiating multiple copies of a sprite.

Pixelate shader

I also made a hue-rotate shader, which was fun:

Hue rotate, outine and some wavy glitchy shaders
Highlight cutoff in the top middle. Most lightest parts have opacity and glow maximized. Pictured also blur, pixelate, shadow and hue-rotate shaders

Other plans:

  • Glitter /star effect combined with the highlight cutoff shader - like the TikTok(?) filter which makes the lightest parts sparkle
  • Shuffle effect, like in the good old Filter Forge:
  • Repeating/tiling pattern with kaleidoscope
  • Slowly distorting organic blobs
  • Star brightness twinkle effect for the star elements that I already have