I've been thinking how the spacing between elements, size of them, colors and such affect the visuals. I'm quite happy with the plan I have now, of having different types of rooms, each of which will have different styles. This creates visual variation and makes the game look interesting.

For kaleidoscopes, the effect depends on having different textures and colors, and having variation. I want to make the kaleidoscopes not only look nice, I want it to be really hard to end up with an ugly-looking, boring or repetitive scene. Having an uniform color palette helps in this, as would post-processing the colors also.

Strong geometric shapes, blocks of solid color. April 2020
Elements spread very far. April 2021
Thin and thick lines, different shapes, a pattern of white icons. February 2022
Florals and bold colors. February 2022
Geometric icon and buildings with strong contrast. January 2022
Earlier image where the variance comes straight from the source images (geometric buildings with strong lines). February 2021
Almost like a stained glass effect (February 2021)
Hand-drawn-like squiggles.
Non-mirrored segments, nice color contrast and pattern