On April 2021, I added some clipart style images to the game. I started with images of flowers, especially the nice arrangements by Buntysmom and other botanical images from Pixabay. I also removed backgrounds from hundreds of Unsplash and Pexels images.  

An example of an image with the background removed. As you can see, the quality is not that great. But in my opinion this is fine. The color palette and pixelization will hide a lot of detail anyway.

The color effect is from the Stylizer plugin. I've created some of my own palettes and other effects, too. And I plan to have some rooms use custom sprite shaders and some others use the post-processing color grading effects.

Here I have a cardboard texture as the BG.
The same scene without any color-effects.
The same scene in Unity editor, in all its glory

Later on, I added other objects as mementos and the room hosts who appear as classical paintings or modern Unsplash photographs. The terms for these will probably change - my codebase is a mess of shards, mementos, glyphs, images and sprites and the more generic the name, the harder it is for me to remember.

Later on I added people. More on that on another post.

Color-graded with post-processing effects. The beautiful moon is one of the reasons I wanted to switch to URP. More on the moon also on another post!
There's also cats. Lots of cats. And other animals