I started making a small game sometime in the beginning of 2020 I think. It's so long already I can't really remember the goals I had at that time.

Some early sketches had this strong paper-like theme. It was influenced by the medium, I sketch on Paper by WeTransfer on iPad.

I planned to make a sticker book themed incremental/strategy game, I think? I was planning to cut out shapes and use those as collectibles. I had also other ideas I wrote down.

Lego Movie 

Below, there's some of the old screenshots. I like the glyph shapes that give a strong contrast when kaleido'd.

There's some early post-processing effects here. I'm still using the same text labels that can be found in the earliest screenshots.

I think one of the most encouraging moments early on was how I found myself screenshotting lots of things, just because I liked how it looked.